I was struggling to get personal or work projects done or even started, at times.
I was getting really bogged down by it.

I knew what the reason was.
The reason was simple.

An extreme lack of self confidence, and a bit of imposter syndrome, just for fun!
I knew what the ideal solution was.

Someone to cheer me on, whenever I needed a confidence boost.
Often, this is either not possible or simply too costly.

Sure you can get this from friends and family, which is great.
But sometimes they are not around (busy) or available when you need it most 🙁

Fair enough (busy people)!

But how else can you achieve something like that without the other costly methods?
As it turns out, I have a personal interest in marketing.

It just intrigues me.

I was thinking about marketing in a completely unrelated manor.
(around the same time), Because I find it fun 🙂

And it dawned on me ..

We are all (including me) influenced by things around us!
Maybe, just maybe ..

I can leverage that idea to my own advantage?
There’s got to be other people with the same problem right?

And so… successoriseme.com was born!

Who’d of thought my long-time personal interest
Would of helped myself later on, in a psychological/mental health way!